[GUIDE] Find Yourself: Set your On-Chain Identity Challenge 💡

This guide aims to help you smoothly complete the Find Yourself challenge as part of Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet.

Anyone can participate in this challenge and is open to all!

This guide will give you a step-by-step breakdown from creating an account on Goldberg, to setting your on-chain identity.

As a prerequisite of this challenge, you will need 10 AVL to be bonded against your identity.

If you already have an account on Goldberg Explorer with more than 10 AVL in it, then feel free to scroll down to the Setting your Identity section of this guide.

Creating an account

Step 1: Visit Avail Block Explorer and navigate to the Accounts section

Step 2: Create a new account or import one by clicking on the icon below

If you are creating a new account, then you will need to save your mnemonic phrase and set a password for your account.

Step 3: Once this is done, you will find your new account on the Accounts dashboard.

Getting AVL from the Faucet

If you don’t have more than 10 AVL in your account, you’ll need to get funded by the faucet.

Step 1: Click on your account that can be found on the Accounts page of the Goldberg Explorer

Step 2: Copy your account address

Step 3: Navigate to our Discord’s #goldberg-faucet and fund your account (more instructions here).

Step 4: Wait for your account to get funded. Go back to the Accounts page to check if the funds have reached your account.

Setting your On-Chain Identity

Once your account has been funded with 11 AVL from the faucet, you should be able to set your on-chain identity.

Step 1: On the Accounts page of the Goldberg Explorer, navigate to your funded account and click on the 3-dotted line.

Step 2: Select “Set on-chain identity”

Step 3: Fill in the appropriate fields you want to set your identity on-chain.

Step 4: Authorize the transaction with your account password, do not change the app-id. And click on Sign and Submit.

Once the transaction is finalized, you will see a notification such as this, which denotes that your on-chain identity has been set successfully.

You can check out the transaction on the explorer by navigating to the Explorer page, and checking the recent events.

You will also notice that 10 AVL was staked during the transaction to set your identity. This can be confirmed by going to your Accounts page and click on the :arrow_down_small: button beside your account.

And voila! You’ve successfully set your on-chain identity and completed this Clash of Nodes challenge! Onto bigger challenges fellow warrior :crossed_swords:


:ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: identity just set! :rocket:

When Identity Registrars in order to provide judgement for identities? :fire:


Thanks for your guide, just set my identity!


done Thanks for your guide, just set my identity!


Why can’t I join your discord,my dc-name:meteorlmd

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Could you please try again, there was some Discord issues earlier in the day

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Is it done or unsuccessful ? I dont have reserved tokens :confused:

Thanks for information

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I am setting my identity right now!

To easily create an account, please take some time to watch the step-by-step video instructions.
Maybe helpful for you, hopefully

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Just set mine, thank you!

not worked for me.

I followed the steps. Got a confirmation but I don’t see any reserved stake. It didn’t work for me

it doesn’t work for me. I have 11 tokens

It seems no…if you provide your public address we can check on-chain.
You can check also by yourself: ChainState → identity → identityOf → select your account → click “+”

You should see all your identity details if set correctly, otherwise “< none >” will appear.

@puxonisme @masterchief @dieuts try to update Metadata: Settings → Metadata → Update Metadata


it worked. thanks you

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it doesnt work. same error!

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All Done ! On to the next one!

Thank you it’s working fine <3