Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet is officially up and running!

It’s here - Avail’s Clash of Nodes incentivized testnet is officially up and running! :star2:

This is a major step towards Mainnet, with a chance for validators, light clients, and everyone to test our network, earn points, and more.

Here’s what’s ahead…

We’re calling all validators, light client enthusiasts, and blockchain buffs – Clash of Nodes is your playground. Rack up points, top the leaderboard, and embrace the challenges for a mix of fun and potential perks to come.

We’re looking for those who’ll step up to the challenge:

  • Validators who consistently validate the chain throughout the testing period
  • Full nodes and light clients who complete challenges to mimic a world full of rollups on Avail
  • Brave validators and participants who help us simulate disaster scenarios

Dive into the Details: Here’s a snapshot of the specific challenges that await in Clash of Nodes.

:shield: Gladiator’s Entry: Show your mettle by becoming a block authoring champion. Outlast and outperform, one block at a time. The more you author, the higher you score.

:balance_scale: Noble Warrior: Uphold the validator’s code. Stay active, avoid penalties, and keep your record clean. Honor earns points, while lapses cost you.

:mag: Finding Yourself: Embrace the quest of self-discovery by adding and verifying your identity. Prove who you are and carve your name in the annals of Avail.

Each challenge is your chance to shine and shape the future of Avail.

Don’t forget to check out our Clash of Nodes Category on our Forum for weekly updates on the Leaderboard, Achievements, Task Assistance, FAQs and more!

Here’s the game plan:

:one: The first invites will go to our existing validators from the Kate Testnet. Their unwavering support earns them the vanguard spots.

:two: To the newcomers: Every validator will get their turn as we’re setting the stage for 300 in this testnet.

:three: We’ll share more challenges on how anybody of any technical ability can participate.

Expect the occasional hiccup during the testing phase. Your insights are essential to building a robust Mainnet - even if that means taking on some big bugs. :construction:

To every blockchain visionary, from validators to app rollup devs, you’re the architects of this rollup revolution. We’re excited to see what you build, and how you compete.

Read more: Introducing Avail’s Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet :hammer_and_wrench::rocket:


Yes, Robin, FreshSTAKING is looking forward to this!

Pls advise on recommended HW so we can plan properly. We don’t use cloud, only baremetal.



We’re eagerly anticipating it.

Should we expect an email invitation, or is there anything else we should do in the meantime?


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An invite will be first given to the Kate Testnet validators, subsequently other validators will also be contacted. Meanwhile, you could get started on some of the other challenges that do not really require you to be a validator (e.g Find yourself challenge)


All details will be shared with you if/when you’re selected as a validator

Yeah we were kate Testnet validator.

Regarding “Find yourself challenge” We tried that but don’t have enough tokens, we tried the faucet on discord, but it seems not to be working, any other way to get the tokens?


it says that the first validators will be selected from the kate testnet, I have upgraded my node to goldberg, is will be a problem about that ?

Please try the Faucet again, it should give you 11 AVL enough to do the Identity challenge

If you were part of the original set of whitelisted Kate validators you don’t have to worry, we will reach out to you.

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How can i know am i whitelisted ? Thank you btw :heart:

Hi. I was curious if the new validators are selected? I mean validators who have filled in the form. Thanks.

Frenchchocolatine-1 node is fully running :slight_smile:
Excited for this Clash Of Nodes Testnet, I’ll be glad to test and improve this network.

The longest testnet I did : 8 months, with night actions.

I’m ready to rumble :slight_smile:

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At the moment, should I not mount any correct nodes? I thought I could still not receive the email

I’m new here. Is it late to setup the Validator node?

It’s too late selected from team to be validator in active set unfortunelately but anyone can run a validator node if you don’t care for the reward :+1:

Hi all! I just established my Full Node. As i heard Validator selection is already closed. So that means running a full node has zero benefit for me? Should i stop running it? I love Avail project and i wanted be part of it and also have some benefits from project. Thanks for all advices.

hey robin
I got a full node from spheron,network which your site introduced, and I also filled out the Lite Node can i bind my full node to my account? should i wait for introduction? im a little confuse

You can only bind your node to an account if you’re a Validator. Currently, the testnet validator slots are almost full. We will update if there are any changes.

Hello. Tell me, will there be more challenges for everyone?