Error on setting identity, "balances.LiquidityRestrictions"

when I try to set my idendity with name and discord It returns the error:


after this I tried witn name and e-mail than it is succeded. There maybe a bug with discord field.

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hi, claim more faucet you d’ont have enough AVL

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claim more faucet token

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(correction) if it’s to become validator, you don’t have to claim more faucet… Just be patient. To be eligible for a validator node you need 1000 AVL. And for that you just have to wait an email from the team . If it’s not your case (validator request) , claim more tokens on faucet .

this is not about being validator

Thank you for your anser @rexslash rexslash :+1:. You 'have right it means “missing found” and then he need to claim 11 avail on faucet and try again. (aslo I updated my first answer ;-))

But let inform also peoples who meet this error and who want to validate their account to be validator, that they need to be selected first to run the validator node then they will receive the 1000 Avail needed as it’s not possible to have this amount using faucet (limited to 100 tokens)

You need 10 Avail on the account (available, not locked or bonded) in order to succeed for on-chain identity