Avail Incentivized Testnet : Clash of Nodes

How to Participate to Avail : Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet?

Tasks or objectives that participants complete to test and strengthen the network. Challenges are designed to assess performance, security, and reliability as they relate to the data availability guarantees of Avail.

1. Show Your Interest (potential gains Validator’s or/and Light Node’s challenge points if selected)

  • Validator Interest Form.
  • Light Clients Operator Interest Form

2. Being Active

If you aren’t a large infra provider, I would personally recommend being active, helping new users, keep an active full node online, participate in Forum discourse, etc.

3. Join The Challenges
there’s some Challenges with Engage in rigorous network testing, vie for points, and vie for potential rewards.

  • Gladiator’s Entry (Only for Validators)
    Validator with number of blocks authored (More blocks authored = more points)
  • Noble Warrior (Only for Validators)
    Validator with good uptime, never slashed or offline (slahed or offline wouldnt get any points)
  • Finding Yourself
    Register your on-chain Identity through Goldberg Explorer.
    How ?
  1. Click the three vertical dots next to your account and select “Set on-chain identity.”
  2. In the popup, toggle and fill in the desired fields.
  3. Confirm by clicking “Set Identity” and submit the transaction to finalize your on-chain identity.
  4. Confirm your details and click “Set Identity” to proceed.
  5. Sign the transaction and submit it to complete the identity setting process.
  • To The Stake (upcoming)

  • Magic Nomination Pools (upcoming)

  • Max Balance Transfer Points (upcoming)


About " Finding Yourself", I m only able to provide my displayed name and Email. When I try to add Web, Twitter or discord it block the “set identity” button :frowning: