Dymension Rollapp Challenge Task: "Rollap consumes so much AVL compare to Goldberg Testnet"

Hey! Clash Of Nodes new task “Rollapp Challenge” excited us all. I just mention a thing you need be careful about, Dymension Froppyland gives “30.000 AVL” form the Avail faucet. When you deploy a Rollapp and choose Avail as a DA layer, it consumes some AVL for operations. Well i just migrate my DA layer to Goldberg Testnet and funded with 3 AVL, it consumed almost in 1.5 day. :dizzy_face: The problem is, it is designed by faucet gives lots of AVL you didn’t even notice on Froppyland but when you migrate it to Goldberg it’s quite expensive. When your AVL consumed your Rollapp will stop running. If anything could done to reduce this it will be nice.

This is from also another Rollapp owner, i think the issue will goes wider.

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