[GUIDE] Max Balance Transfer Challenge 💰

This guide aims to help you smoothly complete the Max Balance Transfer challenge as part of Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet.

Anyone can participate in this challenge and is open to all!

This guide will give you a step-by-step breakdown from creating an account on Goldberg, to transferring funds using the explorer UI, and also with wallets like SubWallet.

Participants must keep the following guidelines in mind for this challenge:

  • Token Acquisition: To participate in balance transfers, tokens must be acquired through the designated faucet.
  • Faucet Transfer Limit: Participants can obtain tokens from the faucet only once per day.
  • Regular Engagement: Participants are encouraged to engage with the challenge daily. The daily acquisition of tokens from the faucet and subsequent transfers cultivate consistent participation.

Learn more about the challenge here.

If you already have an account on Goldberg Explorer with some AVL in it, then feel free to scroll down to the Balance Transfer section of this guide.

Creating an account

Step 1: Visit Avail Block Explorer and navigate to the Accounts section

Step 2: Create a new account or import one by clicking on the icon below

If you are creating a new account, then you will need to save your mnemonic phrase and set a password for your account.

Step 3: Once this is done, you will find your new account on the Accounts dashboard.

Getting AVL from the Faucet

If you don’t have 1 AVL (per day to be transferred) in your account, you’ll need to get funded by the faucet.

Step 1: Click on your account that can be found on the Accounts page of the Goldberg Explorer

Step 2: Copy your account address

Step 3: Navigate to our Discord’s #goldberg-faucet and fund your account (more instructions here).

Step 4: Wait for your account to get funded. Go back to the Accounts page to check if the funds have reached your account.

Balance Transfer

Option 1: Using SubWallet

SubWallet currently supports the Goldberg Testnet, and can be easily used to do the Balance Transfer challenge.

Step1: Once you install Subwallet, import your account where you have your AVL to SubWallet. Ensure you activate AVL on your token list by navigating to Manage Tokens>search “AVL”> Select “AVL: for Goldberg Testnet.

After you do this, you’ll be able to see your Goldberg AVL in your wallet.

Step 2: Now all you have to do is find an address you want to send 1 AVL to, and send it via SubWallet (Note: Ensure that you select the AVL for Goldberg Testnet). - You can check out the #address-exchange channel on our Discord to easily find an address to send AVL to.

Step 3: Approve your transaction, and you are ALL DONE! Ensure that do 1 transfer every day for maximum points for the challenge.

Option 2: Using Goldberg Explorer

Once your account has been funded with AVL from the faucet, you should be ready to complete this challenge, by transferring 1 AVL from your account every day throughout the challenge to maximize your points.

Step 1: On the Accounts page of the Goldberg Explorer, navigate to your funded account and click on “send”.

Step 2: Add the address you want to send the funds, you can use any address that has been shared on the #address-exchange channel on our Discord.
Input the amount as 1 AVL.

Click on Make Transfer.

Step 4: Authorize the transaction with your account password, do not change the app-id. And click on Sign and Submit.

Once the transaction is finalized, you will see a notification such as this, which denotes that your balance has been transferred successfully.

You can check out the transaction on the Explorer by navigating to the Explorer page, and checking the recent events.

And voila! You’ve successfully transferred some amount of AVL and completed this Clash of Nodes challenge!

Onto bigger challenges fellow warrior :crossed_swords:


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