Road to Mainnet: November 2023

Welcome to November’s edition of the Avail team’s monthly series providing updates on all things Avail. Read on to find technical highlights from this past month and upcoming milestones and events.


As we gear up to Mainnet, we’ll be focusing on the progress and projects along the way from the Avail team. November has been a milestone month for us, launching our Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet, hosting our very first event, and we got to share a few of the other projects we’ve been working on, so let’s get to it!


Technical Update

  • We launched the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet in early November and have seen tremendous involvement from our community. Thanks for that!
  • With the incentivized testnet running, it allows us to test the network’s resiliency and the result has been very positive so far, getting us ready for Mainnet.
  • We are testing different set-ups of the network for our light client network. We are now constantly testing with around 1K light clients and testing different performance profiles.
  • We are working on getting the final shape of the network architecture in place, based on the performance we are seeing on the incentivized testnet.
  • We are progressing with an external audit, which will be concluded in December.

Network Update

  • Onboarded 270 validators on the Goldberg Testnet already. Will continue to onboard more validators until we reach 300.
  • We launched a leaderboard to track challenges and activities of participant performance.
  • The Balance Transfers challenge has launched successfully to the community
  • We will be soon rolling out other challenges for the testnet.