Clash of Nodes is coming!

Hey Avail community,
The incentivized testnet is coming - and we’re calling it Clash of Nodes! We’ll have more details soon, but there’ll be a leaderboard, points, challenges, and more.

Come help battle test Avail with the potential to earn rewards, compete for points, and learn all about our upcoming infrastructure, technology, and roadmap along the way.

Validators, sign up to be first to get more information and join our community:

We’ll also have opportunities for light client operators, and anyone else who wants to help test - or break - the Avail testnet.

Stay tuned and check the announcement post on Twitter!


we are impatiently waiting for the test net, and of course, if we are not selected there, we will not be able to participate))

How many will be light node user select? Or just Only 300 validator guys?

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They have not disclosed information about the light node yet.

I recently joined testing and am looking forward to news about Clash of Nodes!

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In total I have been running nodes for over two months.(v1.6.0, v1.6.2,v1.7.2)