Avail’s resilience tested: How we handled 100M events seamlessly

The Avail blockchain processed almost 100 million events over 3 days, driven by heavy load for inscriptions from blobscriptions and others. Here’s a look at how it went down…

1,591,071 transactions took place on the Avail blockchain in a single day on January 9th, which was the peak load observed. There were ~1.3m transactions the day before, and ~1.3m the day after. It was over this period where the Avail network processed nearly 100 million events.

The chart below shows daily signed transactions from the Avail network via Subscan. For those wondering how ~4.2 million transactions resulted in ~100 million events, the way that Avail’s nodes work is that multiple transactions can be bundled together and sent to the Avail blockchain in batches; one batch can contain more than 30k transactions, generating more than 70k events for example.

The Avail blockchain remained rock solid throughout these peak loads which has been great to see. It puts us on a solid trajectory and shows the capacity and throughput we can handle as we quickly approach mainnet.

While Avail’s blockchain kept up with the demand throughout this time, we did identify that Polkadot JS would max out at 65k events per block, which the Avail network blew through multiple times throughout this period.

Now that we’ve seen what the Avail network is capable of, we raised an issue to address the Polkadot JS limits here

So far, Avail’s blockchain has registered 127,860,525 events since the beginning of the Goldberg incentivised testnet.

As we continue testing Avail through Clash of Nodes and integrations with more partners like Dymension, we look forward to processing many more transactions and making data available for the ecosystem on Avail’s robust and high-throughput blockchain.

A huge thanks to the whole team and wider ecosystem for getting behind the Avail vision and pushing the limits of what’s possible in this incredible industry. :mechanical_arm:


absolute strong network from avail blockchain, mainnet incoming i guess
Congrats for the team and community who make avail great!

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