EthDenver was a huge success

Hey everyone,

I slept for almost 12 hours my first night back from EthDenver! With a bit of recovery time behind me, I wanted to take a moment to share what it felt like on the ground in Mile High City.

On Monday, we announced our $27M seed round, and the Avail Trinity - an expansion of the Avail product roadmap to include 2 new core products alongside Avail DA. We’re calling these products Avail Nexus, and Avail Fusion. More on those below.

Hot Take Series: Denver Edition
After getting up at 5:30am to make the trinity announcement on the interwebs, we began Avail’s second installment of our Hot Takes Series.

Neil and Dan on stage with Anurag and Prabal

View from the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt in Denver, home of Avail’s Hot Takes Series: The Execution Race

We had 280+ attendees at the Grand Hyatt in Denver. This was my first time in Denver, and it was quite special seeing the energy on the ground. I’m also happy we hosted our event early in the week. This was most people’s first day in Denver - and the talks, food, and networking space meant people were in the venue from 8am - 7pm and beyond (there were still some stragglers meeting and chatting as the Avail team left). The views certainly helped.

There were even a few spicy takes (e.g., “the EVM will soon die a fiery death”) over the course of the day, which was to be expected. We used intros on Monday as a launchpad for conversations throughout the week, and were able to build relationships with many of the individuals and teams that came through. Needless to say, we’re quite happy with how the event went. :blush:

Throughout the following week, Avail team members presented at ~20 side events (including the EthDenver mainstage)! Over the course of those events, we plugged our own products, and developed our own takeaways from talking with individuals on the ground, and listening to the speakers/panels on stage. My 3 most salient takeaways (and Avail plugs) are below.

Takeaways / where Avail fits in

  • Asynchronous Composability: People are excited about the potential for chain interactions that span multiple blocks. Currently, every action user’s take on a chain must complete within a single block time. This is not how the Internet we use today works. The internet scaled via asynchronous micro-services that run, and scale independently of other services. The fact that these services are composable means we can build complex user interactions that touch 10s of companies, while remaining simple to use. This will soon be possible on crypto rails. Once fully realized, we’re much closer to our vision where anything that can be built on the web today, can be built with crypto rails.

  • We’re about to see a lot of rollups: From rollup-as-a-service protocols to app-chain solutions and more, it’s clear that the developer experience of creating rollups is getting a whole lot easier. Avail even had over 2.5k rollups deployed to our Clash of Nodes Testnet via just two partner solutions. It’s clear rollups have won, but this many rollups risks fracturing the UX of interacting on web3. To counteract this, Avail announced Avail Nexus, a proof aggregation zk-rollup that will live atop Avail, and enable trustless interactions across chains (notably, without the need for any bridges).

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin L2s, the Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin staking all came up many times from day 1 through day N+1 of EthDenver. Even Avail was talking about Bitcoin, since the announcement of Avail Fusion means we’ll be enabling the native staking of Bitcoin assets to secure Avail consensus.

Then there were the parties. Most nights had some event, sponsored by a web3 company. These included makeshift casinos in warehouses to burger restaurant takeovers to renting out entire clubs to warehouse “raves”. It felt almost like going party to party in college with different clubs / frats trying to entice you to join their very cool ultra exclusive (but everyone’s invited cause you don’t want it too empty) events. It was a blast tbh.

All in all, had a great time. Made friends. Met coworkers and teams I’ve worked with for years. There’s something special about being in person, especially for such a primarily remote industry. I’m excited for the next event, and to share what Avail is up to next very soon.


That was definitely fun! @jake pushing that Avail FOMO xD