Thread 'tokio-runtime-worker' panicked at your/path: must have active request for stream

I am running a light client but it crashed like this:

2023-12-07T08:02:38.219861Z  INFO avail_light::sync_client: Block header 7233 already in DB
2023-12-07T08:02:38.219918Z  INFO avail_light::sync_client: Block header 7234 already in DB
2023-12-07T08:02:38.503127Z  INFO avail_light::sync_client: App index Ok(DataLookup { index: [(AppId(0), 0..1)] }) block_number=7235
2023-12-07T08:02:38.504236Z  INFO avail_light::sync_client: Synced block header block_number=7235 elapsed=284.199896ms
2023-12-07T08:02:42.460139Z  INFO avail_light::network::rpc::event_loop: Header no.: 126510
2023-12-07T08:02:42.462885Z  INFO avail_light::network::rpc::event_loop: New justification at block no.: 126510, hash: 0xdb7972dcc0f23cfb20ce4a79fc040539caa1d70705bd1a040244d707f9a54356
2023-12-07T08:02:42.554234Z  INFO avail_light::network::rpc::event_loop: Number of matching signatures: 181/270 for block 126510, set_id 68
2023-12-07T08:02:42.554307Z  INFO avail_light::network::rpc::event_loop: Sending finalized block 126510
2023-12-07T08:02:42.554435Z  INFO avail_light::api::v2: Message published to clients topic=HeaderVerified published=0 failed=0
thread 'tokio-runtime-worker' panicked at /home/runner/.cargo/registry/src/
must have active request for stream
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace

Client running for syncing from the beginning. OS version is ubuntu 22.04 aarch64 and client version is 1.7.4


Hey, just to confirm, this happened when the LC was still syncing?

yes ser it was trying to sync from block 0

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We are working on a fix that will be done on v1.7.5. Keep an eye out for it.


Issue is fixed with v1.7.9


got this error while trying to start the node