Movement Labs Partners with Avail

The Avail and Movement Labs ecosystems grow stronger with a collaboration that allows developers to leverage the flexibility of the Move programming language, MoveVM, and Avail’s highly optimized data availability layer.

With Movement Labs and Avail’s partnership, developers from both ecosystems get more customization options and development flexibility. Avail’s DA layer is optimized for high-throughput and scalability.

The MoveVM provides parallel execution out of the box and Move’s smart contract development language has built-in protections against common smart contract attack vectors like reentrancy bugs.

What you get from Movement Labs

Movement Labs is pushing the Move programming language and MoveVM forward which was originally designed by Facebook’s Diem project (previously known as Libra). The MoveVM brings together the benefits of the Solana VM and EVM to create a powerful VM for blockchains and rollups. The Move programming language was derived from Rust, taking many of its advantages and adapted to become a better-suited, more blockchain-focussed version. Together, the Move programming language and MoveVM unlock the possibility to build a new generation of high-throughput and secure applications.

Movement Labs has built M1, a Move-based L1 with a based sequencer for L2s to build on top. The M1 chain has bootstrapped liquidity, validators, an initial ecosystem, and EVM-traditional tooling by living within Avalanche’s consensus. M1 supports Move-based L2s and other rollup stacks such as Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack, Polygon CDK, and others.

What you get from Avail

Validity proofs provide a number of benefits to developers and users. Avail’s architecture has been built from the ground up to support a range of ZK-based blockchain and rollup constructs.

Integrating Avail’s DA layer is simple:

  • Data is submitted to the Avail blockchain but not executed.
  • Data is tied to an AppID making it easy for developers to work with.
  • Avail has a number of tools to make integration and monitoring easy.

Build with Avail & Movement Labs

If you’re interested in building a Move-based chain with Avail, join the discussion here on the Avail Forum or speak with the team at Movement Labs to discuss your requirements.


congrats team, such partnerships will play an important role for the future of the project.

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