V1.9.0.0 Validator down change sezon key

First of all, I installed a node on a new server before switching to v1.9.0.0. After the match was finished, I bought the season key. I entered the season key change and kept both nodes running so that it would pass when the time came.
But here’s what happened.

The new season did not pass to the key, validatorship fell.

I immediately repeated the process to become a validator. I entered again, enjoying the new season. Let me point out that 2 nodes are still working right now.

But the validatorum never stopped appearing active. The block continued to approve. There was no problem in switching to the new season key in the new cycle.

But unfortunately, I see a 1-term penalty.

I had no problems in previous attempts. There was no problem in changing the season key when switching from the current v1.9.0.0 to v1.9.0.0. However, there was a problem when switching from the old version to v1.9.0.0.


I’m sorry to hear that you get the penalty :expressionless: it happens when you try to change session key or migrate if you couldn’t handle the correct time(best to switch ends of the era). What about now, could you sign blocks?
If you couldn’t you can check your session key here in that guide:

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I think you don’t fully understand. 2 nodes 2 season key. The new season key has been entered. My term was expected to end. The period is over. Validation has fallen.
2 nodes are working but did not shut down. The validator continued validating blocks on the active set. However, I had to do the validation process again. I hope I could explain.

I’ve done it before and I know how it works. I just had problems switching from the old version to the latest version. Thinking this might be a bug, I changed the season key between the latest versions and there was no problem.

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maybe the new version have bug so your old server still validating, next time use fast upgrade bro
only take couple of minutes to completed

It simply needs to be upgraded :smiley:
In order not to be disconnected from the network, I was running 2 nodes in this way and waiting for the season key to change and the cycle to end.
Yes, I know how things work. We are preparing documents that inform the community on this subject. I wanted to tell you about this little glitch. Maybe so that people can be more careful in future updates or season key changes.

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It looks like you may have initiated session key swap too late, and it was not registered in time. There is no glitch as far as we know.