Starting Light Client failed

I facing an error in the node running. i use a script which is pinned in discord but still issue is not resolved.

use this script- rpc call fail. try to use the script to auto restart when node stop

sudo apt install nano
sudo apt install screen
rm -rf /root/.avail/data
screen -S node
sudo systemctl stop avail
sudo nano

Copy script and paste into it


# official script command of Avail scrtip from daningyn
COMMAND="curl -sL1 | bash" 

# Here is script making LC restart if getting errors
while true; do
    echo "Starting command: $COMMAND"
    # Chạy lệnh trong background
    bash -c "$COMMAND" &


    wait $PID

    if [ $EXIT_STATUS -eq 0 ]; then
        echo "Command exited successfully. Restarting..."
        echo "Command failed with status $EXIT_STATUS. Restarting..."
    sleep 10

ctrl+x, y enter to save and run


press three key CTRL+a+d together to save the screen

Team is working on a fix. Please refer to this thread for updates: Avail's Light Client Lift-off Challenge Status