Question about block browser query hash content

I used the avail js-sdk package to write the code for a transfer function and got the hash:0x747eba211eee19ffbc8fb2e1349d2eeacf1e320fdd0ceb004293bcfece0147e9, unfortunately I’m not familiar with Avail Block browser, I want to check the hash information about transfer and amount in the content whether code is the same with me, This way I can verify that my code is working correctly,please help me.

Hi could please let me know the address you used to transfer the amount, so I can help find it for you?
Either way, You need to ensure you’re on the Explorer page.

Then enter your hash in the search bar in the top right corner

Once you search you will be presented with the block that contains your transaction. You need to go through the different extrinsics to find your transfer extrinsic which contains the details of your transaction.

I send the address is: 5ervcupshy7vdzabwecehyyuis529azh7apxcnt5yqhfrukm, receiving the address is: 5hakoiuhfsiadugvtg8z7htyh8kysf9yeyasbk5e5vmwsqee

Thank you. I see that. Thank you very much

I think I found the transaction but looks like the extrinsic failed.