My points not rised up

Hello, although I do the tasks on time, my points doesn’t increase. For example, I have already completed today’s task, but my points has not increased, the points of my friends who started from the same situation as me has increased.Normally, it should have risen to 30 points, but it remained same.

progress edit : I was able to win today’s point, some days it happens, some days it doesn’t.



Hey, could you please confirm if you’re following all these rules when transferring?

  • 1 transfer per day for 7 days (7 total transfers)
  • transfers can be sent to any address
  • 1 AVL min per transfer
  • funds sent must have come directly from the faucet (no middle accounts, no ping ponging between accounts)

Doing more than 1 transaction per day will not increase your points accrued (but won’t disqualify you either).

yes I can confirm, you can check on the explorer

also my faucet always like this (I have all faucet access)

I’m having the same problem now, I hope it gets fixed.

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I can confirm this is common issue.

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I am following the same exact rules but mine also does not count since yesterday

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Yes it is, same for me too.

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Even though some people did it for 5 days, they were able to get 4 or 3 daily points. I earned my points, but I already had 20 points before the 7-day period of the event started, although it was difficult for me to reach 50 points. One day the score comes, one day it doesn’t come.

Point was updated regarding tx per era and timeframe is available on
You may did several tx during the same era ?

I did the task every day, but my score did not increase every day.

Hey, I’ll escalate this to the team, and will get back to you.

The reasons for your points not rising up would be that you either transferred after the challenge ended, or you did not obtain their tokens from the faucet.

Please refer to these rules: My points not rised up - #2 by robin-rrt

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