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Validator lesnik | UTSA is here

Our validator actively helps to develop the Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystems and validates more than 40 networks, including Kusama, Polkadot (1kv), Joystream, Quicksilver, Archway and others. For our validators we use monitorings, alerts and other settings to help secure the keys


  • we develop local communities in various projects (Minima admin, Moonbeam - senior ambassador, Haqq - tech support, Crowd Control, etc.)
  • we maintain a useful blog with a vibrant community where we write technical guides and articles (WIKI in Russian). More than 500 non runners have subscribed to us, which we are very proud of. More - lesnik13utsa — Teletype
  • we run signature campaigns on crypto forums. More - https ://cryptotalk.org/profile/10901-lesnik_utsa/
  • in addition to protecting the networks in the mainnet through validation, we run IBC, provide RPC, API, Statesync, Addrbook, Explorer, write manuals, maintain high uptime and help the community. More - 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐧𝐢𝐤 | 𝐔𝐓𝐒𝐀 - Services
  • our supported relayers Teritori <> Osmosis <> Evmos <> L1 <> GAIA <> Quicksilver <> Jackal <> Nois <> Aura <> Provenance and others

We have currently synchronized our node on the Avail Kate Testnet and created guides for our community:
:point_right: Russian language - https ://teletype.in/@lesnik13utsa/1SvYgRWLXps
:point_right: English language - https ://utsa.gitbook.io/services/testnet-other-projects/avail

We hope that our experience will be useful to the Avail team at Incentivized Testnet and mainnet in the future. Of course, if we are chosen by the team)


Welcome to the community! and great guides btw!


Thanks for your clarification.

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Thanks for your technical guides! There are very helpful, may I translate it to Chinese?


Feel free to do this. Of course, you can provide a link to my source

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Really nice translating those guides. Feel free if you need help doing them in other languages !