Introducing Avail’s RFP Grants Program - Get Rewarded for Building Core Rollup Infra

Hey everyone, you may have seen that we recently posted the first 3 RFPs as part of our developer focussed grants program.

The RFP program kick-starts Avail’s community development. Developers first submit a proposal to be reviewed, and once accepted, your team can begin working on and submitting development milestones.

The proposal process is straightforward and teams get rewarded for their contributions. You can submit your proposals using this form which shows how you plan to achieve the features outlined in the RFP, and your suitability as a development team.

The first 3 RFPs in the Avail grants program are:

1. DA Adapters

2. Avail Wallet Support

3. Long-Term Block Data Storage

Get Started

You can submit your proposals here. Feel free to share this post with others in the community who you think could be well suited for these RFP categories.

To learn more about Avail you can view the Avail Documentation and check out Avail’s Github Repo.


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