[DISCUSSION] RFP-001: Community DA Adapters

RFP-001: Community DA Adapters


Use this space to discuss and ask questions about the RFP. We want this thread to facilitate a 2-way communication between the community and the team regarding this RFP.


Avail is building rollup infrastructure designed to provide scalable blockspace and data availability as a base layer for rollups. It largely does not execute any transactions. Avail has no smart contracts/general-purpose execution environment. Instead, Avail applications are rollups (or similar constructs) that rely on Avail for blockspace while handling execution themselves.

As such, most developers will likely be interacting with a higher-level framework. For example, a rollup SDK or a rollup as a service (RAAS) tool, configured to use Avail for data availability.

Given the multitude of rollups frameworks, environments, and ecosystems out there, Avail is interested in encouraging and fostering support within community projects for selecting a DA layer, with built-in Avail support specifically.

Project Description

An ideal DA Adapter project has the following features:

  • Enables submitting transaction data to a separate DA layer instead of the L1 it currently uses (e.g., Ethereum).
  • Changes to verification contract(s) to support Avail’s attestation bridge to verify DA during settlement.
  • Written in an appropriate manner for submission upstream into the community project, including following the project’s conventions.
  • If preferred by the project, a framework for DA adapters so that other DA layers can plug into the same framework.
  • Documentation
  • Demo
  • Benchmarks demonstrating the cost/performance/gas savings realized by using off-chain DA

Potential Adapter Ideas

  • ZkSync Adapter
  • Arbitrum Orbit/Stylus Adapter
  • Cartesi Adapter
  • Fuel Adapter
  • Astria Adapter
  • SHARP Adapter
  • Dojo Adapter
  • Slush Adapter
  • Kakarot Adapter
  • Radius Adapter

The above mentioned Adapters, although not an exhaustive list, are some ecosystems we would like to see the community build DA Adapters for. We invite everyone to contribute ideas and suggest and work upon other ecosystem DA Adapters as well.


You can see some of our existing ecosystem integrations/adapters at the avail-uncharted repository.

Visit the Avail Docs site to learn about Avail and how to build with it.

Read the entire RFP, Funding Milestones, and Application Instructions here.


Sorry for the question, but I would like to understand better (since the theme is really interesting), so for example a L2 rollup will take the “security” from the L1 that it is currently uses (e.g., Ethereum) by checking that the advance in his state (txs, blocks, etc…) are correct and validated by using an optimistic or zk approach, but at the same time submit their data for long term availability (DA utility) to Avail network.

Yes, this is more or less correct. Essentially you can imagine that the “security” and “settlement” happen on the L1 like Ethereum. But data availability is also a core part of this stack to ensure that the validation of transactions and state diffs can be done in the first place, and to reconstruct the state of the rollup if needed.

Reading this blog post will give you an even better understanding for the need for DA, and how posting data to a separate DA layer like Avail can hyper-scale rollups.

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