Change wallet address

Hello. I did avail project tasks and I am eligible for 2714 AVAIL but today I found that my wallet hacked. Is it possible to connect a new wallet and be transferred my tokens to my new wallet?

It is not possible to change your wallet, unfortunately.

And our AVAILs that we eligible for will be sent to our subwallet. Right?

در تاریخ جمعه ۱۷ مهٔ ۲۰۲۴،‏ ۰۹:۱۳ Stefan via Avail Forum <> نوشت:

Correct. Tokens claimed as a part of the Unification Drop will be automatically sent to eligible wallets that claimed during the claim period on mainnet launch. The token is not live yet / mainnet is not live yet either. Please follow Avail on Twitter, Discord and Telegram for updates.