About the Developers category

Developer-focused discussions. Utilize this space to ask for help with regard to building with Avail or troubleshooting any issues you face along the way. We would love to hear your thoughts and experience while building on Avail. Your feedback will help us improve.

  • This category is for bringing together developers building on Avail. Feel free to ask questions or initiate conversations regarding the Kate Testnet, Avail Mainnet, or any other protocol-level or network-level topics.

  • This category contains sub-categories such as Kate Testnet and Q&A/Support where you can have focused discussions on the topics you like.

  • Utilize the Q&A/Troubleshooting Category to ask programming-related questions you face when building with Avail. Feel free to ask for help to troubleshoot any issues you encounter while building, and let the community help you solve them! Please be sure to use the appropriate tags while asking your questions, so that the community can help you out effectively.

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