Joining discord

Hello, i’ve tried to go and verify with my gitcoing passport, and found out i can’t join discord for some reason. I have done nothing against guidelines and found myself without access. can a moderator please check ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

my discord user id is : 1113968167438528522


Hey i just check and there is no data about your id in Avail discord. Could you tell me more details, what error did you get? Discord has a lot of spam detect alarms if we can understand which one you couldn’t pass we can help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @AstroNodes , thanks for your reply. I get this message error : impossible to join when i try to join the discord.


my discord id is : lmoumin

and my advanced discord user id is : 1113968167438528522

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You were banned for spam, unbanned now :+1:

Hello @AstroNodes,

I came here to check if anyone had the same issue, i have the same problem. I try to join discord and i get the same error message. Can you please unban me. My id is : almouhaymin or : 1113972881085440022

have a good day sir,

Hello AstroNodes,

I have the same discord problem? Can you unban me?
My discord id is 1032916655581450310?
Thanks in advance,

@AstroNodes @robin-rrt please look into this :confused:

You are not banned. If you are getting a banned error, then someone at your IP was banned on a different user. You can join from another network in that instance.

You have been unbanned, however a bot auto-banned you for having the term “Ambassador” in your username. Please remove this before re-joining

Thank you so much, I am in again.

Best Regards,