I can't transfer Token with Polkadot extension

Hello Admin,
I can transfer Val no problem without Polkadot extension.
But when I installed Polkadot extension. I can’t transfer Val.
It said that : “balances.transferKeepAlive
1010: Invalid Transaction: Transaction has a bad signature”

Could you check it?

Which account are you trying to use with the Polkadot extension? SAM2021 (EXTENSION)? or AVAIL (EXTENSION)?

This is video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdJuV9LVG2o

Yeah, I see. I’ve been able to replicate it on my end too… seems to be a issue specific to PolkadotJS extension. If you have Subwallet or Talisman, maybe try using that. Or you can export your account JSON and store it locally and it’ll work for now. Meanwhile, I’ve pinged the team about this extension issue