Alternative Telemetry dashboard for your validator/full node

Hello guys, here Luca from :ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube:, since I read a lot of questions on Discord channel regarding “Why did my node disappear from the Telemetry? or does not appear at all?”, I would like to propose you an alternative Telemetry dashboard.

If your node was running since several days and at some point disappeared from the Avail Goldberg Testnet Telemetry and you have checked that your node is still running well (like in our case), so don’t worry! There is an upper limit of 1000 nodes allowed to be displayed on the Telemetry dashboard.
So if you can’t stay without seeing your node to be displayed on a Telemetry dashboard, you can add the following flags on your node’s service file:

--telemetry-url 'ws:// 0'
--telemetry-url 'wss:// 1'

The first one is the default option for Avail node and I suggest you to explicit indicate it because could be the right point where the team is looking for nodes. Since the presence of any --telemetry-url flag overwrite the default one, you have to explicit indicate it.
The second one is the Polkadot Telemetry, that is a valid alternative (or backup Telemetry dashboard) compatible with all chains built using Polkadot SDK (Substrate).

Also you can spin up your private Substrate Telemetry dashboard using the following repo: GitHub - paritytech/substrate-telemetry: Polkadot Telemetry service
When ready you just need to indicate another --telemetry-url flag with your own URL.
Please note that when launching the node you can put any amount of valid --telemetry-url flags as you want.

Also don’t forget that the Telemetry dashboard is helpful but it is not enough to monitor your node and therefore I suggest you to set up an adequate monitoring & alert system: How to Monitor Your Avail Validator Node | Avail Docs

Hope this post helps some of you!
Happy validating! :heart:


This is a great post @LucaPoggi :zap::zap: This will really help the validators


Thank you! Happy will be helpful! :rocket:

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