[DISCUSSION] RFP-003: Long-Term Block Data Storage

RFP-003: Long-Term Block Data Storage


Use this space to discuss and ask questions about the RFP. We want this thread to facilitate a 2-way communication between the community and the team regarding this RFP.


Avail is a blockchain focused on “data availability” which means that it is designed to order and publish data (usually transaction data from other blockchains) and provide a high degree of confidence that the data was indeed published correctly.

Note that the focus is on ensuring that block data was published properly, not that it is stored long-term. The Avail validators/nodes currently do store all data generated by the network, because it is still new. Eventually, we plan to begin pruning block data older than some cutoff. To that end, Avail will benefit from a complementary solution designed specifically for data storage.

Project Description

A long-term data storage solution tailored to work with Avail would ideally have the following requirements:

  • [P0] Observe the Avail network and detect when new blocks are finalized
  • [P0] Automatically archive block data for finalized blocks
  • [P0] Provide documentation for strong guarantees of continued storage
  • [P0] Provide a method of retrieving the archived data
    • [P1] Programmatic retrieval built into the Avail node, so that a node can be synced from genesis even after old blocks have been pruned from the other nodes on the network (via a command-line option/config)
  • [P1] Provide a method for checking if archived data is still available
    • [P2] Surface this info on a web-based status page or dashboard

Additional Information

Avail is based on Substrate, and much of the tooling available for Substrate/Polkadot will work with Avail with some tweaking. We have a library called avail-js that wraps polkadot.js and provides a way to access most chain functionality.

The block production and finality algorithms are GRANDPA/BABE. This is relevant because it makes sense to only store blocks once they have been finalized. The GRANDPA algorithm can be used to determine which blocks have been finalized, rather than using a trailing number of blocks or some other heuristic. For an overview, see here.


Read the entire RFP, Funding Milestones, and Application Instructions here.



Few some questions regarding the RFP:

  1. In the context of long-term data archiving, what level of granularity do you envision for the solution? Should it support archiving complete block history, filtered data subsets (e.g., specific rollup data), or a flexible combination of both?
  2. Is tight integration with the Avail node itself a requirement, or would an off-chain service architecture offering efficient communication with the node be acceptable?
  3. In anticipating future Avail network pruning, will there be a dedicated archival mode (same as in Substrate) for Avail nodes to maintain complete block history?

Hi Kamil, thanks for the interest!

  1. Archival of the complete block history is the core requirement of this RFP. However, is it possible (even likely) that individual rollups will be interested in archival of their own history, and thus there might be a use case for creating this tooling in a flexible way so that rollups can pay for this service for their own subset of the data. So it’s not a requirement, but could be a smart way to design it.
  2. Tight integration with the Avail node is not a requirement, merely a suggestion as one way to tap into the block data as it is published. As noted in the requirements, an integration with the node such that it is able to query the long-term storage to sync historical data is not a blocker, but very desirable (P1).
  3. The current Avail node already supports an archival mode, and this will remain the case. Currently the default configuration for all nodes on the chain is to operate in archival mode, but we expect to change this setting during the next year and begin pruning. Anyone who wishes to continue operating an archival node will be able to continue to do so, of course.

Hey, Avail team.

Is the application still in progress? I was trying to contact exploration@availproject.org but it turned out to be invalid. I’m wondering whether it’s okay for an individual to apply this and if it’s too late at this moment.

Hey! Yes we’re still accepting applications for this RFP. You can still apply even if you’re an individual.
Thanks for flagging the email issue, will get that sorted.

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